Schedule of Activities


Regular Weekly Activities:

Sunday church School, 9:30 a.m.

Sunday Worship, 10:45 a.m.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting and Bible Study, 6:00 p.m.


2018 Annual Days

African American History Celebration, February 25th, 10:45 a.m.

Church Anniversary May 27th

Revival, August 26-29th

Men and Women Day, October 28th

Rally Day, November 25rd

2018 Mission Priorities

Addition of  New Members in 2018-average of one new member to the church each month.

Implementation of service projects:

                      a. Partner with other agencies/churches in a special ministry

                      b. Target the poor or needy in the area

                      c. Possible projects: soup kitchen, clothes closet, food pantry, tutoring, nursing home worship and visitation,etc.

The "100" plan

The Mt. Tabor "100" Plan is a program designed to make individual discipleship more intentional through:

(1) tithing (10%)

(2) giving 20 hours of service weekly to the church and/ or the community

(3) spending 30 minutes each day "in study and prayer"

(4) being presaent at Mt. Tabor at least 40 Sundays a year.

Weekly Bible Readings (Lectionary)

Each week and daily in the week, the Mt. Tabor family reads in private and family devotions certain portions of Scripture that are based on the ecumenical lectionary.

The resource is a selection of Scripture readings designed to cover the basic biblical texts in the scripture over a three year period. a lectionary also provides a comprehensive method for preaching the entire Bible over the three year period.

The three year lectionary designates the years as A,B, and C. The church year begins at advent of one year and continues to the sunday just before the beginning of advent in the next year.Currently, we have just concluded Year A. The last Sunday in year A was the third Sunday in November. Year B begins with the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, which in 2005 is the fourth sunday in November (November 27).

Four lessons are appointed for each Sunday: a psalm, a gospel, an epistle, and a second Old Testament lesson. In Year A, the gospel is Matthew, and the Old Testament lessons are the Patriarchal/Mosaic narrative. In year C, the gospel is Luke, and the Old Testament lessons are the Elijah/ Elisha/ Minor Prophets series.

when the lectionary is faithfully followed for a three year period, worshipers will have heard preached all the key events in the scriptures.

The pattern for selecting the Scriptures for a given Sunday is based on the Christian year emphases:

                      *Advent (a four week period where the church looks forward to the coming of Christ)

                      *Christmastide (a twelve day period from December 25 to january 5 focusing on the birth of Christ and the celebration on the incarnation)

                      *Epiphany (January 6, which marks the rewvelation of Christ to the world)

                      *Sundays after Epiphany (the sundays after Epiphany up to ash Wednesday, celebrating Christ's baptism and early years.

                      *Lent (a 40 day period which includes six Sundays, where the church remembers the time leading to the death of Christ).

                      *Holy Week (the week prior to Easter)

                      *Eastertide (A fifty-day period of seven Sundays, celebrating Christ's resurrection)

                      *Pentecost (commemorating the gift of the Holy Spirit)

                      *Trinity sunday (the first Sunday after Pentecost)

                      *Ordinary Time (the period leading to Advent, celebrating growth in grace)

If you are interested in the current schedule of Scripture reading, contact the church office.