History of

Mt. Tabor Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America



The Mt. Tabor Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America was organized in the mid-1800s in a hut with Rev. Thatcher as organizing pastor.  The first church structure was built in 1886 in Madison County just outside of Medon, Tennessee, with Rev. Lode Curry as pastor.  Rev. Curry and the Mt. Tabor congregation served the surrounding community for twenty-five years.  In 1911, a new church was erected under the leadership of Rev. McCurchin.


While located in the Medon community from 1886-2000, Mt. Tabor was an integral part of the community in its service and influence. The immediate community around the church took its name from the church.  An elementary school, organized in 1909, was named Mt. Tabor.  The first school held classes in the Masonic Hall for two months; then, a one-room schoolhouse was built in 1923.  The school served the community well and later consolidated into a six-teacher school in 1957.


Among key lay leaders of Mt. Tabor in the early years were Everett Lacy and Tommy Dean.  Mr. Lacy was elected to serve in many capacities, including secretary of the Sunday School (at age 10) and ordained as an elder (at age 16).  He later was elected stated clerk of the church session and served in that capacity for fifty-eight years.  Mr. Dean served also as an officer and was assigned the task of attending to all church business and “to keep order.”  Other leaders of the church were Elders Johnny Reig, Thomas Love, Walter Love and Buster Dean; Deacons Samuel Hulsey, Sr., Alex Love, James Parks.


The members of the church have always taken great pride in keeping the church building and campus looking very clean and remodeled with all conveniences.  A church parsonage was acquired in 1978.


In 1998-1999, the church family split.  Subsequently, Rev. Willie B. Jones was elected pastor.  In September 1999, the congregation elected new elders: Elders Lydia N. Hunt, James L. Mason, Mikel Love and Lotdell Love, Sr.  In 2000, the congregation moved to 1798 Campbell Street, Jackson.  At its new location, ministers who served as pastor include Rev. Jones, Rev. William H. Montague, Jr., and Rev. Dr. R. Stanley Wood.


In 2002, the church purchased the Campbell Street campus and the facilities on the land for over one-quarter million dollars, which included a loan of $200,000 from Regions Bank.  In February 2013, the mortgage was retired, four years ahead of schedule.  And, on June 23, 2013, the Mt. Tabor family and friends take time to give thanks to God Almighty for this wonderful blessing.


Former pastors of Mt. Tabor CPCA include the following: Rev. Thatcher, Rev. Lode Curry, Rev. A. M. McCurchin, Rev. William Fowlkes, Rev. Rufus Smith, Rev. Joel Rice, Rev. J. B. Lambert, Rev. Roosevelt Baugh, Rev. Fred Ingram, Rev. Theodis Acklin, Rev. David Lockhart, Rev. Pamela Addison, Rev. Willie B. Jones, Rev. William H. Montague, Jr. (now Pastor Emeritus). 


The current pastor is Rev. Dr. R. Stanley Wood, and the Assistant Pastor is Rev. Lotdell Love, Jr.